Welcome to 2019 at Planet Gymnastics.  We hope you all  have a great year. Good luck to our new team members.  We are proud you have joined our State winning team.  Please ask the front desk any time you have a question and they can direct you to the right person.  There can be a lot of new information at the start.  Also, join our team Facebook page.  It is the best way to get quick answers and our parents are always positive.

The gym will be closed on Monday, January 21st in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The make up day for those classes will take place on Saturday 19th, so sign up at the front desk to get your time.

Deadlines are approaching for our 21st annual Planet Mardi Gras Invitational which takes place over the weekend of February 8-10th. Dynamites, Juniors, and Recreational Developmental Team members all have the opportunity to participate in a full meet with USA judges and electronic scoreboards. Your $65 entry fee is due by January 11th, so sign up at the front desk. Your coach will give you more details.

Good luck to our Senior team who start the new year competing at the Atlanta Crown on January 11-13th.

We hope you like the improvements to the gym.  A lot of painting was carried out over the holidays, especially in the party room upstairs.



‘Tis the season…..our annual Winter Wonderland will take place on Friday, December 7th, from 5-6pm. All students are invited. Class students should sign up at the front desk, $10. They will perform on 2 events and receive a gift from Santa. Spectator admission is free so bring the whole family.  Team levels 3/silver and up, will perform an exhibition and should wear team leotards. Practice will end at 6pm. Students (6-14 yrs) are invited to stay on for Open Gym, 6-9pm, at the discounted price of $10.

Team Tryouts are Thursday, December 6th, from 4.30pm.  We offer a variety of teams and anyone age 4 and up is welcome to try!

The team party will be on Saturday, December 15th from 5-8pm. Details to follow.

Make ups for Monday through Thursday class students will take place on Saturday 15th, 9-12pm. Sign up at the front desk for your specific spot.

Achievement Week is the 17th-21st. We hand out ribbons and certificates with improvement notes twice a year. Make sure to clap at the end of class when we give these out.

Open Gyms will continue throughout the holiday season, on Fridays, 6-9pm for ages 6-14 years with a parent signing in and out.

Holiday closing starts December 23 and we reopen on January 5th.  We are grateful for your business this year, and hope your child benefited from our services.


Our annual Planet Beach Meet takes place on Saturday, October 13th, from 8am-9pm, and Sunday, 14th, from 8am-9.30am. See the schedule posted on our website or in the front lobby for details. Spectators cost $7 adults, $2 kids, with 5 and under free. Come and support our team!

Classes will be cancelled the day of the meet,  Saturday, October 14th.  The girls can make up their class during the week, and the boys will do a 2 hour class the following Saturday, 20th.  See front desk for details.

The gym will be closed on Monday 8th for the holiday.

Dress up week runs from Wednesday 24th to Tuesday 30th, so let your children have fun by wearing an outfit or decoration to gym. There will be no classes on Wednesday 31st to let everyone go trick or treating or enjoy the fall festivals.

No make ups this month as every class still has 4 days in the month of October.

Team girls also have a meet in Daphne on the weekend of 27-28th.



Planet Gymnastics is excited to have started the new school year.

Our competitive team start the new season, once again, as “Alabama Gym of the Year”, and kick it off at Orange Beach on September 8/9, so good luck girls. Level 9 National champion, Brie Clark, is now working towards  getting a scholarship for NCAA gymnastics!

Miss Stephanie’s Pre K Play Days go back to Thursdays at 11am, starting September 6th.  This is a great way to get your little ones active and strong, while interacting with them in a way they will love.

Home school class for girls and boys continues on Tuesdays at 2pm.  Families with kids age 5-14 are welcome to come and take a free trial class.

The gym is closed on Monday, September 3rd for Labor Day.  Make-ups take place on Saturday 8th, so sign up at the front desk to get your class time of 9am or 10am.

National Gymnastics Day is on Saturday, September 15th, and we will be hosting a $1 (proceeds to Aubreigh’s Army) Open Gym from  10am-12pm.  Participants must be 14 years or under, and be signed in by a parent.  Team will do an exhibition, and everyone will have cake and juice.  Invite your friends!

Our team parents are working hard to get ready for our annual Parent’s Meet! Come watch them in action on Thursday, September 20th at 6pm!

Next month, October 12-14, we host our annual Planet Beach Meet for our team levels 1-5.  Dynamites and Juniors are also able to compete in this meet, with USA Gymnastics judges flashing their scores on our electronic scoreboards.  This is a very special event that we host twice a year, allowing our mini team members to join in a session of a real meet.  Handouts are going out with more details of this, and how to get on our mini teams.


Congratulations to gymnast Brie Clark for qualifying to Level 9 Nationals!  This is a MAJOR achievement and she will represent the Southeast Region in New York in May.  Congratulations to all our team members who made us proud at Regionals this month.  Our Excel team will compete in Daytona at the end of April.

All new team members should be starting practice this month.  There will be a parents meeting on Thursday, May 17th at 5.30pm at Planet.  You will get all the information you need from the chairman of our Parents’ Association, lots of handouts, and will be able to speak to the coaches individually if you want.  Please bring your questions and be sure to sign up on our official Planet team facebook page.

The Team Banquet for members of the 2017-2018 team will take place on Thursday, May 10th from 6-8pm at the Mitchell Center.  Tickets should have been ordered already.

Our annual Planet Mini-Olympics takes place on Friday, May 18th from 4.30-6pm.  Everyone is invited to sign up for this event.  $10 in advance at the front desk lets you participate and go home with a medal and goody bag, after you have had some cake and juice, of course.  Spectators are free, so invite all your family and friends.  Students are already  working on their routines.  Team gymnasts should wear their competition leotard – levels silver/3 and up will assist and perform an exhibition.

The gym is closed on Monday, May 28th for Memorial Day.  Make ups for Monday class students will take place on Saturday, May 19th.  Sign up at the front desk to get your time.

Summer camps start at the end of this month, so see the front desk for information.  Walk -ins are welcome, but if you bulk buy in advance you will save money, and can use your days anytime during the summer.  Ages 3-14.


First of all, let me send out a big thank you to all our Planet team parents who assisted in the running of the Alabama State Championships at the Civic Center.  They organized sign ins, presented awards, and even timed routines.  We are proud to say that 24 of our students became State champions, including many of our new level one team.  Some will go on to represent Alabama at the Regional level.   As for team results, Planet finished 2nd in the state at the Bronze and Silver levels, and 3rd at gold and level 9!

If your child wants a chance to be part of our awesome team, we will have tryouts available to everyone on Thursday, April 12th from 4.30pm until we finish.  Please sign up at the front desk so we know how many to expect, and we will call everyone over when we start.  Parents will receive a letter with our recommendation after the tryouts, and should see the front desk to make any changes to their membership.

This month we will have some fun gymnastics games, challenges, and face painting during class for Spring Fling week from April 16-21.

Towards the end of this month, we will start to prepare for our annual Mini-Olympics on May 18th, as students begin to learn their routines on all events.  This will be a fun meet with podium medals and goody bags.

Summer day camps start at the end of May.  Grab an information postcard from the front desk if you don’t already have one.  If you are signing up for Olympic Gymnastics Camp, hand in your form as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on ordering the camp leo/shorts/tee package which must be ordered by May 1st.


March brings our annual favorite event – Egg Hunt Week – from March 26 to 31.  Classes finish 5 minutes early to let students search for a candy egg.

Planet hosts the Alabama State Championships at the Civic Center on March 16-18.  Admission is $10 adults, $5 children, free 5 and under. Come and cheer for our team gymnasts.

Summer Camp postcards will be given out this month.  Day camps take place from May 24 through the return of school in the fall.  With the use of the whole gym, campers get to play on the trampolines, jump in the pits, play organized games and arts & crafts.  Snacks are provided and lunch is available for sale or you can bring your own.  Walk ins are welcome, but you will save money by bulk buying your days to use anytime during the summer.  Ages 3-14 years.

Planet Olympic Camp for gymnasts who seriously want to learn new skills, takes place on June 11-14.  All team members should sign up for this camp.  Level 1 team and class gymnasts are allowed to do a half day or full day camp.

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can email them to management at PlanetGymnasticsAL@comcast.net.